Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prismacolor & Odorless Mineral Spirits

I had heard about Gamsol and Prismacolor pencils, but wasn't really sure of the specifics. I asked JoAnna at our last crop and she gave me the info! I researched it a little bit more and I *LOVE* this technique!!
Using the Odorless Mineral Spirits (I used the Mona Lisa brand paint thinner from Hobby Lobby) blends the Prismacolor pencils beautifully. It makes the colors blend and have a creamy look to them. Here are the first 2 images that I did. I apologize that the images are a little blurry. Let me know what you think!!


JoAnna Goodman said...

WOW! The images look great! So glad you gave it a try! You did an awesome job on these!

Rochelle W said...

Turned out great!!! I don't really use mine much anymore. I think I need to bust mine out and dust them off. Cute cute cute cards!
You know JoAnna!!! I am so jealous. I only know her threw blogging. We have become friends.